About me

Before completing my PhD in Government at Cornell University in 2017, I conducted 15 months of fieldwork in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), India, Taiwan (ROC) and the UK in 2014-2015. I also studied Chinese at the Mandarin Training Center in Taipei in 2009-2010 and earned my B.A. in International Relations, summa cum laude with minors in Mathematics and Asian Studies at SUNY New Paltz in 2008.

I have been studying Chinese politics and Mandarin Chinese since my first trip to China in 2006.

I have lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for 18 months (where I worked in non-profit fundraising), as well as Taipei, Taiwan (15 months), Kunming, China (6 months), Beijing, China (6 months), Malmö, Sweden (2 years) and Ithaca, New York (5.5 years). I love to travel, practice yoga, write, hike, trek, camp etc. I am currently a denizen of Bakersfield, CA.